Massages for companies

Massages for employees

As an intrinsic part of their employment policy many successful companies provide their employees with employee benefits. Be different and gain loyalty and better work motivation of your employees in a more original manner. We can provide your employees with health and relaxation massages right in their office, using a portable massage therapy bed or a so-called, kneeling stool. Total massage time and the actual number of clients is just a matter of agreement.

Massages in office

Stress, fatigue, back and neck pains – are you familiar with these symptoms? No matter whether the stress results from solving a difficult task, or is a result of prolonged sitting in front of a computer screen, it is the most common reason for a drop in work performance and increased lack of will to perform one’s tasks. Massage can help you better handle stressful situations, rid you of pain and certainly provide you with new energy. 

Wide range of event and other services

Massages are a suitable supplement to company events, seminars and sports and training programmes. Thanks to our mobile massage therapy beds and kneeling stools we are ready to provide massages virtually anywhere!

Specifically tailored benefits for our customers

Should you be interested in this effective solution of benefiting your employees, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to prepare a tailor-made offer of services to match your individual needs. Our price per unit depends on the number of massages and frequency of our visits to a particular place. 


Massages at companies


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Massages for companies

Massages for companies

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