Advantages of home massage

  • The great advantage of a massage at home is that it takes place in an environment with which you are closely familiar, where you feel the best.
  • You do not have to travel anywhere after massage therapy, you just continue to relax.
  • The services are often used by mothers without a babysitter.
  • Arrange for a romantic evening with your partner, or surprise friends, and plan an unusual ladies’ party.
  • Or you may be too busy and not able to get away from work, but still need to relax your tired muscles. Regardless of why you cannot come to us, we can come to you virtually any time in your home, office, fitness gym, pool, sports match, anywhere we will be able to get to.
  • Just call and arrange a massage, maybe even for today, or in a few days.
  • Sufficient space must be available for the bed, create yourself a pleasant environment, and if you want to listen to music, get a player ready, we have the rest, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

We do not provide erotic services!

Classic massage Classic (Swedish) massage   They are considered the basic forms of massages. They consist of a massage grasp system, e.g. diverse forms of molding, rubbing and caress focused on excellent muscle relaxation, increasing perfusion and supporting the regeneration capacity of the whole human body.   ... more
Relaxing massage Massage to remove fatigue and enhance body regeneration It brings relaxation and peace in the case of excessive mental and physical stress. It soothes the overall body condition, regenerates the skin and relaxes the muscles; it invokes sleep and creates a pleasant feeling.  ... more
Aroma massage They are calming and relaxing massages with gentle peeling. A massage with almond oils with a combination of essential oils, which is selected in accordance with client´s feelings or problems which are to be removed. Thanks to gentle strokes, a human organism shall be completely massaged and the selected flavor penetrated into it. The aroma massage provides total unblocking and refreshment of the human organism. ... more
Honey massage It helps with stress, chronic diseases, the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, and it suppresses ageing of the skin. Honey detoxification massage using real warm bee honey is a proven folk medicine therapy. It is healing for ageing and acne and it brings relief from arthritis and rheumatism, as well as helping to reduce cellulite.  ... more
Pregnancy massage The period of pregnancy with its gradual belly growth is a time when mothers experience stress to the spine and spinal muscles, especially in the area of the small of the back. Pregnancy massages are adapted especially for mothers-to-be. They are performed on the side or in a sitting position. The massage is careful, gentle, suitable oils are chosen, with pleasant relaxation music that will relax you and your baby.    ... more
Chocolate massage The chocolate procedure brings along a first class care of whole body skin; it has dramatic tonic effect on the skin, performs its smoothing and prevents its aging. Chocolate is full of vitamins, minerals and oxidation inhibitors. It suppresses cellulite and this way creates optimum support of a slim body profile.  ... more
Hot lava stones Do you want to experience an interesting massage?  Lava rock massage is a harmonizing type of massage with highly relaxing and anti-stress effects, it uses the knowledge of Chinese medicine, as it works with warm lava rocks which are placed on particular places on the body and are also used for massaging. This massage outperforms the effects of classical massage, and soothes your body and soul. ... more
Lymphatic massage Lymphatic massage activates the passage of lymph and frees lymphatic veins. It also enhances immunity, detoxicates the body and is perfect wrinkle prevention. It is suitable for the treatment of tired limbs (preventive treatment for people exposed to prolonged standing, for retail or transport business employees etc.). ... more
Reflex massage In a theory, principles of a reflex therapy consist of the whole human body represented by so called micro-systems (palms, auricles, tongue, face, foots etc.). The reflex therapy uses feet for problem diagnosis and positive effects due to pacification or reinforcing.   ... more
Flask therapy It is an old effective method of reflex therapy whichconsists of warmed glass flasks putting on painful body parts. Thanks to this pressure below atmospheric level, harmful substances will be sucked out of the body. The flasks shall be on the body points for exact time or shifted to other parts of the body. ... more
Fiji ritual A real gem among relaxation massages. This therapy not only really relaxes your body, but it also supplies vitamins A, B, C and E to your skin and provides deep hydration. Quality bio products from Fiji help you, due to their exotic aroma, get rid of everyday stress, and not only provide the vitamins for your skin, but also the necessary energy for days to come.    ... more
Sugar breeze Sugar cane from Fiji plantations irrigated by Pacific Ocean rain in combination with a mixture of oils of tropical nuts and exotic fruit will nourish the skin with vitamins A, B, C, and E, and give the skin a healthy and beautiful look. Pure Fuji exotic massage oil will leave the skin soft with a velvety gloss, filled with the scent of tropical flowers. The secret of Pure Fuji consists in a balanced mixture of tropical nut oils, containing virgin coconut oil, dilo nut oil and essential oil of macadamia nuts.  ... more